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Bathtub Replacement Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Looking to update your bathtub upgrade in Brooklyn Park? Xpres Remodeling offers outstanding customer service, quick turnaround times and fair pricing.

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Want To Update Your Bathroom? Get Rid Of That Old Bathtub!

Your bathtub is one of the most prominent features of your bathroom. It serves as the centerpiece, adding some streak of comfort, sophistication, and excellence. Due to everyday use, bathtubs go through massive wear and tear and may lose their premium look and functionality. Is your bathtub dated, damaged, mold-ridden, and hard to clean? Xpres Remodeling can help you liven up your space by providing premier bathtub replacement or bathtub remodeling services.

Xpres Remodeling is a kitchen and bath remodeling company in Brooklyn Park, MN. Our bathtub installers and remodelers offer superior, affordable, and custom bathroom remodeling solutions that last a lifetime. We have a unique system that takes the mess, stress, and sky-high prices out of a bathtub replacement or remodel project.

bathtub replacement in Brooklyn Park, by Minnesota

Reasons to Replace Your Bathtub

Here are a few reasons you should consider having your bathtub replaced or remodeled.

· It Is Damaged

If your bathroom has been in use for ages, it might develop cracks, holes, and chips that make it hard to clean, maintain, and even use. Trying to repair such a drab and dated bathtub will only cost you money and leave an unsightly mess for a bathtub that may soon break down again. In such situations, we recommend having a bathtub replacement, where you get a new, beautiful, and functional bathtub that you and your loved ones can enjoy using for years.

· You are Doing A Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel can change the look and value of your entire house. If you plan to remodel your bathroom, you should consider replacing or remodeling your old tub to match the newly fixed flooring and fixtures.

· A New Tub Will Improve The Décor

Sprucing your house or bathroom with new flooring and fixtures, then leaving the old, worn-out bathtub can be a real eyesore. By replacing your old tub, you can explore new patterns, fixtures, and color schemes without worrying that they won’t match your bathtub. Homeowners who choose not to replace their existing tubs find it hard to create a truly unique space since the choice of their fixture, color scheme, and design is limited.

Here are some of the Bathtub Replacement Benefits:

· Nonporous

· Easy to clean

· Efficient Installation

· Lots of styles and colors

· Stain and fade resistant

· Scratch and chip resistant

· A Bathtub Remodeling Or Replacements Can Increase The Resale Value.

Most homebuyers prefer properties with the master bathroom fitted with a bathtub. While this is true, selling your house with an old, worn-out tub can spoil your chances of getting top dollar when selling. A bathtub replacement or a remodel can significantly increase your resale value, providing you with better ROI.

· You Don’t Use Your Tub Anymore

If you have a large bathtub taking too much space in your bathroom, you should consider replacing it with a smaller tub or installing a shower to create a sleek, space-saving shower. If you are in Brooklyn Park, MN, or surrounding areas, the bath experts at Xpres Remodeling can help you choose a design the complements your style and preference.

Professional Bathtub Remodeling and Replacement Options

Whether you want to replace, remake or remodel your bathtub, Xpres Remodeling can get the job done at competitive prices. Over the years, we have perfected our bathtub remodel and replacement process so you can get better results, faster and at competitive prices. Call us today to book a free consultation and start your journey to creating a spa-like look in your bathroom.

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