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Shower Replacement Minnetonka, Minnesota

Looking to update your shower upgrade in Minnetonka? Xpres Remodeling offers outstanding customer service, quick turnaround times and fair pricing.

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Innovative Shower Replacements and Remodels for Any Space

Your shower should be a clean, comfortable space where you retreat at the end of the day. If your current shower has unsightly, grimy surfaces, has an outdated style, or is experiencing problems with mold and mildew, Xpres Remodeling can help recreate it to match your dreams.

Xpres Remodeling is an industry leader in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our shower replacement and remodel solutions offer innovative styles and designs with the latest mold and mildew resistant technologies. All our shower replacement and remodels are customized to your style and budget so you can revitalize your whole bathroom in easy, cost-effective steps.

If you are in Minnetonka, MN, we can upgrade your bathroom with a beautiful new shower or remodel the existing one, so you don’t have to battle tough stains and stubborn molds again!

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Custom Shower Replacement Minnetonka, MN

Instead of settling for a standard builder feature, replace your shower with a unique, custom-designed piece that meets the needs of your home. We have various designs, patterns, and finish options to accentuate any décor needs for that perfect shower. Our showers don’t just look nice; they’re also built to last.

When you have us replace your old showers, you’ll experience a range of benefits, including:

· Free, In-Home Estimate
· High-Performance Products
· Industry best workmanship
· Limited lifetime warranty
· Custom designs and fits
· Low-Maintenance Acrylic
· Competitive prices
· Fast, 1-day installations
· A wide selection of accessories
· Mildew-resistant products
· Versatile and customizable
· And more!

Our professional installers will carefully remove your old shower and prepare the area for the new piece. You’ll have a modern, beautiful shower installed and working in no time. It takes us only a day to complete most shower upgrades.

Professional Shower Remodel

If your shower is old but still in good shape, you can remodel it to create a truly functional and beautiful space. Shower remodeling can solve various aesthetic issues, create a more updated and stylish look, and is an excellent solution for aging-in-place improvements.

We offer comprehensive shower remodeling solutions to suit your needs and lifestyle. Our remodeling processes and techniques incorporate the latest technologies and maximize your investment so your bathroom can remain trendy for days to come.

Get Your Free Replacement Shower Estimate!

Xpres Remodeling is a company of choice among many property owners, property managers, and contractors. We have a longstanding reputation for superior shower replacement, and shower remodels in Minnetonka, MN. Our professional remodelers can design your shower to fit your needs at competitive prices. Call us today or fill our convenient online form to request a free, no-obligation shower replacement estimate.

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